NEW! SoundWall PowerSlim PMC600 (only 40mm deep!)

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NEW! SoundWall PowerSlim PMC600 (only 40mm deep!)
NEW! SoundWall PowerSlim PMC600 (only 40mm deep!)
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Superslim Frameless In-ceiling speaker featuring 6" co-axial driver   Physical Dimensions:  228 x 228 x 40mm depth!   Cut-out Dimensions 206 x 206mm. 
The new SoundWall™ PowerSlim series provides an innovative high fidelity solution for super shallow spaces where standard recessed speakers are impossible to install. Leveraging advance patented transducer technology, the PowerSlim measures an unprecedented 40mm in depth and is offered in 6.5” 2-way in-wall and 6.5” in-ceiling configuration, making it the slimmest architectural solution ever produced. Morel used a completely new approach in developing the PowerSlim drivers. While current designs use much smaller drivers to achieve shallow in-wall solutions, we took the challenge to develop a true 6.5" woofer. 

The ultra slim woofer architecture employs a shallow profile chassis design (only 0.7” deep) that encapsulates a large EVC (External Voice Coil) design with a double neodymium magnet motor. The highly advanced suspension system supports the new Grand-Dome convex cone membrane which is made of highly damped sandwich hybrid carbon fiber and foam core for to reproduce rich mid-bass frequencies and improve off-axis response. Complementing it is the new shallow 1.1-inch Acuflex™ hand coated tweeter that ensures smooth frequency response delivering Morel's signature natural sound. The new PowerSlim series uses frame-less grille design that can be painted over to match any decor and style.

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