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High End

Morel's R&D team set their goals to stretch the boundaries even further than before and engineer two high-end loudspeakers able of recreating the excitement of live music, in a refined visual package that would appeal to a broader audience.

Morel needed to take a radical design stance in order to create loudspeakers to be recognised by the hi-fi cognoscenti, but with a form to stimulate the visual senses whilst not dominating the living space.

With more than three decades’ expertise of manufacturing some of the world’s finest loudspeaker drive units used by many legendary hi-fi companies, expectations for the new products was sky high ...

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The cabinet borrows technology from Formula One racing cars in that it is fashioned from carbon Fibre composite. The curved form with no straight lines resembles a musical instrument and unlike conventional speaker systems has no internal damping at all. The cabinet is empty, as Morel deliberately designed it to vibrate with the drive units and use this energy as part of the reproduced sound. The all important midrange frequencies are handled by a rather remarkable 6” drive unit fitted with the new Morel carbon Fibre /Rohacell sandwich cone. This unit when connected without a crossover is able to reproduce a full range sound from 40Hz up to 15kHz alone. The final specification is a remarkable 20-22,000 Hz (40-18,000 Hz ±1.5 dB).

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Winner of a CES Design and Engineering Innovations award.  The new 2017 model derives many of its innovative technologies from the expertise gleaned from developing the £30,000 flagship "Fat Lady" model.

A port is deployed directly behind each woofer to achieve outstanding, tight and controlled bass reproduction.  The same approach is used in the midrange driver. Morel's Sopran three-way design employs four newly designed 6" drivers (midrange and woofer) using titanium voice coil formers. High end frequencies are handled by a 1.1" Acuflex soft dome tweeter incorporating a triple magnet system. The end result is a truly dynamic and lifelike speaker that also boasts an exceptionally wide and flat frequency response of 33-22,000Hz (45-18,000Hz ±1.5dB!) with an efficiency of 91.5dB and a power handling of 1000W.  In other words, it can go VERY loud but also take advantage of low power output, Class A Valve Amplifiers.

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The very best InWall Cinema speakers in the world at half the price of the competition. 45-20,000Hz with only a 5dB drop off at the extremes and 89dB/w/m efficiency.

Featuring the best transducers Morel have developed, the Cinema speakers are packed with innovative technology to deliver wide dispersion, low distortion, and extreme high-power handling.  Each model uses a very low-profile trim and Morel’s latest low resonance grille to ensure minimal coloration. Its aluminum reinforcement at the back promises a truly high-quality, natural sound experience like no other.

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Fast, dynamic with excellent power handling and a surprisingly clean bass given their size, the Morel Octave 6 Limited Edition sets a new standard for Bookshelf loudspeakers.

Based on Morel’s most advanced technology, the new 6-inch (150mm) mid-bass drive unit, features a new low profile, one-piece DPC cone and employs an oversized 3-inch (75mm) Hexatech™ aluminum voice coil over a titanium base encapsulating a powerful efficient Hybrid magnet motor. Morel’s renowned 1.1” (28mm) handmade Acuflex™ soft dome tweeter was chosen as it comes very close to producing the frequency response of a theoretically perfect dome tweeter, free of undesirable high “Q” break up modes.

The new Limited Edition model takes the expertise learned from the "the innovative cabinet concept used in the fat lady and is void of internal damping. Morel’s research found that damping materials have a tendency to slow the sound down in its process of absorption, causing the residual cabinet vibration to appear after the drive unit has stopped, resulting in a boxy sound. The solution was to position an internal vertical baffle with acoustic apertures placed in the middle of the cabinet to break up standing waves. This allows the cabinet to vibrate along with the output of the drive unit in a highly controlled manner— crucial for achieving a natural, open sound.”

Frequency Response: 20-22,000Hz (50-18,000Hz ± 1.5 dB)

Nominal Power Handling    140W RMS

Peak Power Handling    1,000W for 10 msec peak transients

Dimensions (HxWxD):   297mm x 187mm x 340mm (367mm with terminals)


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